History of Company

Vking is re-launching itself by partnering with UK-based technical giants; Hyperspace.

Hyperspace is a London based company which provides digital & technological services to institutional as well as individual customers. CEO of Hyperspace, Mr. Gurpreet Singh is a globally renowned name in bespoke software and digital services marketplace. Mr. Gurpreet is now wishes to renovate and redesign the Indian logistic market.

Vking International Private Limited comes with a prior 8 years of experience in logistic services. Which include national as well as international services by Road/Railway, Air, and Sea. Vking is successful in gaining the trust of customers by providing on time delivery & fulfilling all its requirements with complete satisfaction. Vking’s primary aim had always been fulfilling its commitment, developing trust & creating goodwill in the market & heart of its customers.

Today, Vking Logistics is on the radar in every industry that requires transportation or logistics services. We work closely with customers to look at their entire process, from point of origin to the ultimate end and identify newer opportunities. This cooperative approach is a monumental reason why our customers trust us. Our major USP is that we deliver 50, 000 shipments every day.